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LipiFlow Treatment – How It Can Improve Eye Health

Meibomian gland dysfunction cases have risen from a rate of 3.5 percent to 69.3 percent. This disorder group affects the meibomian glands, leading to dry eye, eyelid pain, and diseases, including ocular surface disease. LipiFlow treatment is an emerging solution for these painful conditions. Learn more about LipiFlow, including who should receive it and how it can improve …

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All About AlphaLash Eyelash Serum

There are many eyelash serums on the market that promote fuller, stronger lashes. Choosing the right one can be a matter of personal choice, but what if you could look deeper and find a serum that is clinically proven to give you healthier, more voluminous lashes? Enter AlphaLash Eyelash Serum by Almond Blossom, our premier recommendation for …

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Why do I Have Thin Eyelashes?

From make-up trends to fashion magazines, thicker, longer, and more luscious lashes is the go-to look. But sometimes, it isn’t always easy to achieve. Thinning eyelashes is a condition that affects individuals of all ages and genders. Not only can it impact your self-esteem and confidence, but eyelashes play a crucial role in protecting the …

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Eye Care For Amarillo

Your eyes allow you to see the world. They are also a facial focal point whether you are meeting someone for the first time or carrying on a conversation with an old friend. Not only do you want clear vision, but you also want your eyes to look their best. Whether you want to improve …

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Hygiene for your Eyes | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Hygiene for your Eyes

Good hygiene is something that we were taught as children. We learned to wash our hands before eating and to brush our teeth after meals and before bed. We know that we should shower often and also wash our clothing and bedding to minimize health risks associated with germs, bacteria, and viruses. All of the …

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