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The Unexpected Dryness of Menopause

The transition through menopause can be quite the roller-coaster ride for many women. As if hot flashes and mood swings aren’t enough to contend with, women going through this change of life may also encounter symptoms such as dry eye syndrome. In fact, studies indicate that dry eye syndrome is a common problem for peri- […]

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What Sunglasses Have to Do with Cataracts

Many years ago, it seemed as though sunglasses were the latest and greatest fashion accessory. Sure, there are numerous styles and types of sunglasses to choose from and you could literally have a pair to go with every outfit. The fact is, though, sunglasses accomplish a lot more than making you look good. You may […]

How Alcohol Can Affect Eye Surgery

Men and women sometimes have eye surgery to improve vision, and sometimes to improve the appearance of their eyes. In either situation, eye surgery usually brings up a lot of questions, such as how to best prepare for surgery and how to maximize the recovery process. We usually think of aspects of surgery like how […]

Hygiene for your Eyes | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Hygiene for your Eyes

Good hygiene is something that we were taught as children. We learned to wash our hands before eating and to brush our teeth after meals and before bed. We know that we should shower often and also wash our clothing and bedding to minimize health risks associated with germs, bacteria, and viruses. All of the […]

Eye Health is an Important Matter for Women | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Eye Health is an Important Matter for Women

Women’s Health. When you hear this term, where does your mind go? Women are quite familiar with the medical exams they need throughout life to stay as healthy as possible. As women age, the care they obtain from their primary healthcare provider changes. As it does, there is the good reason for a woman to […]

Are you Taking Care to Safeguard your Eyes? | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Are you Safeguarding your Eyes?

There are a few ways that we tend to think about eye protection. Many of us wear appropriately filtered sunglasses to reduce glare and UV exposure. Some people go so far as to watch what they eat, knowing that their general health will relate to the risk for eye diseases. Did you know that there […]

Let’s Talk about Light | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Let’s Talk about Light

Vision is the byproduct of light. Wavelengths of light enter the eye and stream to the retina, where a clear image is formed through the interpretation of light. In sunlight, there are wavelengths of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red light. Interestingly enough, the joining of every one of these colors creates white […]

Halos and Glares: Why you May See Them | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Halos and Glares: Why you May See Them

Being able to formulate a clear depiction of an object boils down to light. Light enters the eye, it travels through its structures, and it focuses on a distinct point in the retina. Simple, right? Not so much. Any disruption of light transfer will affect vision. The way this manifests does not always equate to […]

Lifestyle Factors In To Age-Related Vision Loss | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Lifestyle Factors of Age-Related Vision Loss

Conditions such as age-related macular degeneration are, as the name clearly suggests, eye problems that tend to occur later in life. Certain people are predisposed to AMD due to genetic makeup. As a result, this could lead to an assumption that there is little that can be done to increase the chances of maintaining healthy […]


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