Botox Aftercare That Makes the Most of your Treatment

Botox is one of the leading cosmetic treatments performed today and for good reason. Appointments are quick, virtually painless, and convenient. For the most part, patients can go back to their normal activities right after their injections. If you are new to Botox, or even if you maintain a wrinkle-reducing schedule using this modality, you …

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Should I Get Botox?

Botox: to get it or not to get it. This is one of the biggest questions of the past several years. The age range for Botox injections has expanded, bringing this question to the forefront of people’s minds. The question of the right timing has become somewhat ambiguous due to the various ways in which …

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Botox: There’s Even More to Love Than We Knew

The development of Botox Cosmetic was inevitable when doctors realized what the therapeutic use of purified botulinum toxin protein could do. The drug that was once reserved for treating muscle disorders quickly passed the safety and efficacy standards set for FDA approval. Since the emergence of botulinum toxin as a cosmetic protocol, millions of people …

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Botox Amarillo TX

Why Blepharoplasty is Not an Alternative to Botox

Eyelid rejuvenation has become one of the leading beauty trends in recent years. There are good reasons that explain the persistently high numbers of anti-aging eye procedures. Perhaps the most prominent benefit that prompts surgical and non-surgical consultations are the testimonials from patients who have addressed their cosmetic concerns. According to research, many people who …

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Headaches After Botox

What is Botox? Botox has been widely used around the world for well over a decade. Since its development, men and women have more frequently turned to this injectable solution to resolve age-related concerns such as frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. Side effects of Botox are typically very mild and short-lived, which makes …

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