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Who is a good candidate for LipiFlow treatment?

You’re a good candidate for LipiFlow if the basis of your dry eye is the quality of your tears. When the Meibomian glands are blocked, necessary lipids are not released, so your tears don’t have the necessary oils to effectively regulate evaporation. This is the cause of dry eye in 86 percent of those with the condition. To assess your candidacy for LipiFlow, Dr. Murrell will evaluate your tears’ lipid layer and identify gland blockage.

Certain patients with various eye conditions cannot have LipiFlow. These are patients who have had ocular surgery or injury within the past 3 months. Those with active ocular infection or ocular herpes within the last 3 months. Also, abnormalities with the eyelid, such as entropion, ectropion, severe ptosis, and others, can preclude a patient from being eligible for LipiFlow.

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What are the benefits of LipiFlow treatment for dry eye?

LipiFlow is a painless treatment that provides immediate relief to most patients. By clearing the blocked or impeded Meibomian glands, normal tear production is returned. By targeting the clogged glands, LipiFlow actually treats the cause of dry eye, rather than simply calming the symptoms.

How many LipiFlow treatments will I need?

Dr. Murrell has found that a single LipiFlow treatment works for most patients. The procedure is painless, and he treats both eyes at once. The entire LipiFlow treatment takes around 20 minutes.

While LipiFlow doesn’t need a series of treatments, in most patients with Meibomian gland dysfunction their dry eye can be chronic. For that reason, Dr. Murrell often recommends a yearly LipiFlow treatment to keep the glands open and functioning.

What are the risks with LipiFlow treatment? Is this a safe treatment?

This is a very safe, very low-risk procedure. It has been cleared by the FDA; to gain that approval the safety and effectiveness of this treatment had to be thoroughly studied and proven. LipiFlow simply delivers controlled heat and pulsating gentle massage movement to the eyelids. This is completely non-invasive and safe.

Is there recovery after LipiFlow treatment?

There isn’t any recovery required after LipiFlow treatment. You can get right back to your normal activities.

Are the results that LipiFlow delivers permanent?

For most patients with Meibomian gland dysfunction, LipiFlow works very effectively to open the blocked glands. They may remain clear permanently, but they may also become blocked again because dry eye from Meibomian gland dysfunction tends to be chronic. LipiFlow has been shown to provide results for up to two years.

How is LipiFlow different than other dry eye treatments?

Many treatments for dry eye symptoms only provide short-term, fleeting relief. Eyedrops simply add fluid to the eyes temporarily. Warm compresses applied to the front of the eyelids also provide temporary relief because they don’t completely clear blocked Meibomian glands. Treatments, such as fish oil, can reduce irritation from other issues, but again they don’t clear the blocked glands. LipiFlow targets the cause of dry eye for most people — blocked Meibomian glands. That’s why it is more effective than other treatments.

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