Dr. Murrell specializes in cataract and refractive surgery. Performing thousands of cataract surgeries during his career, he has received rave reviews from patients and is proud to have helped clear their cloudy vision. Click Here to Continue Reading About Cataracts


Dr. Murrell has been treating cosmetic patients for nearly 30 years. He prides himself on restoring his patients’ youth and vitality and enhancing their natural beauty. Click Here to Continue Reading About Cosmetics

Dry Eye

Dr. Murrell is the only M.D. in the United States to use two state-of-the-art treatments together to manage severe dry eye due to oil gland dysfunction: Lipiflow and EyeXpress. Combining these two methods synergistically, he can give the ultimate comfort to patients suffering from this painful condition. Click Here to Continue Reading About Dry Eye


Dr. Murrell has performed thousands of blepharoplasties. His goals are to eliminate any medical issue in the eyelid and to provide aesthetically beautiful, natural-looking results with as minimal treatment as possible. Click Here to Continue Reading About Eyelids


Botox is used to eliminate deep wrinkles in the skin caused by the continual contraction of facial muscles. Click Here to Continue Reading About Botox

Alphaeon Serum

Dr. Murrell offers Alpheon Eyelash Enhancement Serum. Click here to learn more about Alphaeon Eyelash Enhancement Serum.

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