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Hygiene for your Eyes | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX Good hygiene is something that we were taught as children. We learned to wash our hands before eating and to brush our teeth after meals and before bed. We know that we should shower often and also wash our clothing and bedding to minimize health risks associated with germs, bacteria, and viruses. All of the hygienic practices that we do keep may lead us to believe that we are doing enough. We may not be. Eyelid hygiene is something that needs to be remembered if we want to avoid uncomfortable consequences.

Inflammation and infection in and around the eye can be highly uncomfortable. Fortunately, not everyone will face such issues, but why leave this to luck? Why not learn how redness, itching, burning, stinging, and crustiness occurs, and, better yet, how to avoid it.

Eyelids are Complex

There is a degree of delicacy to the eyelids. These parts of the eyes are not just folds of skin covering the eyeballs. Across the eyelids, we have not one but two different types of skin, hair follicles, and also glands that nourish the eyes and keep them clear of debris (including germs). For the ocular surface to stay optimally healthy and comfortable, the eyelids need to be clean, and that means hygiene is needed.

Where infection and inflammation may come from is the lid-margin, the area where the lid meets the ocular surface. Here, bacteria may accumulate amidst the oil that is secreted from the glands of the eyelid, and the dead skin cells that hang around after loosening from the epidermis. Inflammation may originate at the base of the eyelashes, giving very few warning signs of potential infection to follow. The first indication of a problem may be the persistent sensation of dry eyes. You know, the gritty, painful feeling of having sand in the eye.

Maintaining the Eyes for Comfort and Health

Eyelid hygiene is a preventive measure against the dry eye, blepharitis, and unpleasant eye infections. But we don’t care for the eyes with soap and water the same way we do the face and body. Sometimes, more is necessary. One way to cleanse the eyes is to periodically apply a warm, moist cloth over them. Let this sit for a few minutes, and then gently, gently, rub the cloth across the eyelids. Cleansers formulated specifically for eyelid hygiene are also available. Patients may obtain Avenova eyelid cleanser over-the-counter in our Amarillo office.

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