Are Under Eye Bags Dragging You Down?

Eyelid puffiness is typically not seen as a medical issue. However, the cosmetic appearance of heavy upper eyelids or bags under the eyes can be extremely frustrating to any adult. These conditions make the eyes look sad, tired, or sickly. Many of the patients who visit our Amarillo office are concerned about the lower eyelid. It is possible for only one area of the eye to display concerning puffiness. When the problem is the lower eyelid, Dr. Murrell performs lower blepharoplasty. Here, we discuss why this approach is advantageous.

What Causes Bags Under the Eyes?

People may get bags under the eyes for a number of reasons. Sometimes, we see puffiness in children and teens, even. Usually, this is caused by allergies or genetics. In adulthood, under eye bags may occur due to:

  • Sun damage. Exposure to harmful ultraviolet light doesn’t just cause dark spots and rough texture. Ultraviolet light breaks down the collagen that supports firm, youthful skin. The tissue around the eyes is already thin and pretty delicate so, when collagen breaks down, the fat pads under the eyes may lose some of their support. 
  • Age. Natural aging is going to rob the skin of collagen and elastin no matter how well we have protected ourselves from too much sun exposure. In this instance, what can make under eye bags appear is the loss of fatty tissue in the cheek area. As the cheeks lose their height and roundness, the under eye fat pads may look more prominent. 
  • Genetics may also play a role in some people’s under eye bags. If your siblings or parents have bags, chances are you may, too.

Softening the Appearance of Under-Eye Bags

Under eye bags may be treated using dermal fillers. In some cases, this approach is sufficient, though temporary. Dr. Murrell treats the lower eyelids using lower lid blepharoplasty. This procedure involves the repositioning or removal of some of the fatty tissue beneath the eye to restore a smoother, flatter contour. The procedure improves the transition between the lower eyelid area and the upper cheek to smooth the crease known as the tear trough. Dr. Murrell is a double-board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in oculoplastics, including cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Performing lower blepharoplasty, he is careful to remove just the right amount of tissue to achieve beautiful results while maintaining the natural blink of the eye.

Treating under eye bags using lower lid blepharoplasty takes exceptional skill. Though more involved than dermal fillers, this approach can achieve results that last indefinitely. The signs of aging slowly occur over time, but the eyes typically remain more youthful looking after blepharoplasty. 

To learn more about what lower blepharoplasty can do for you, call our Amarillo office at (806) 351-1177 and schedule a consultation.

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