Do You Know Why Your Eyes are Dry?

Dry eye syndrome is a relatively common condition but one that can be misunderstood. Because it can be described as a chronic problem, dry eye syndrome may be thought of as a condition in which the eyes feel dry and gritty and irritated all the time. That’s not how dry eye syndrome works. In many […]

Is It Allergies or Dry Eye Disease?

Ocular symptoms tend to increase around this time of year. There could be several reasons for this, including seasonal changes in the environment such as the air getting warmer and pollen counts rising. When symptoms arise, it may be easy to attribute them to these factors. However, for some, the underlying problem may not be […]

Cataract Surgery: Before, During, and After

Sometime in later adulthood, many people begin to experience the symptoms of cataracts. The National Eye Institute reports that adults have a 50 percent chance of having cataracts or having had cataract surgery by the time they are 80 years old. This condition, which causes clouding of the natural lens of the eyes, can be […]

Blepharoplasty | Walter john murrell | Amarillo, tx

How Long Will Blepharoplasty Results Last?

A lot of thought goes into deciding to have any kind of plastic surgery, especially a procedure that alters the appearance of the face. Blepharoplasty may be one of the most commonly performed facial procedures, but we know patients typically have a lot of questions. One of the first that we hear is about how […]

What Lipids Do for Your Skin

Many people have heard of cholesterol and essential fatty acids. These are usually associated with dietary habits. Ceramides are additional types of lipids but not something we typically hear about. That is, unless we are exploring how to best support aging skin. Cholesterol, essential fatty acids, and ceramides are all lipids and involved in the […]

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Why You May Want Botox after Blepharoplasty

We all expect the signs of aging to show up at some point. Still, when they do, it’s hard not to be surprised. Though aging will continue indefinitely, there are several ways to manage our appearance. Treatments that address the eyelids and tissue around the eyes are popular. With the right treatment, it is possible […]

Cataract Surgery Amarillo TX

You Have a Cataract. What’s Next?

Millions of Americans are living with the dull, clouded vision of cataracts. A cataract is the clumping of proteins on the natural lens of the eye. The accumulation of these proteins hardens the lens and causes clouding. Normally, the lens of the eye is transparent. When clouding begins, colors may appear less vibrant, with somewhat […]

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Tips for Preventing Dry Eyes This Holiday Season

In many parts of the country, the outside world transforms during the winter season. This necessitates changes to our daily routine. Not only do we pull out the sweaters and boots, but we also need to prepare for seasonal issues such as chilled hands, runny noses, and chapped lips. These problems can be frustrating. Others, […]

Blepharoplasty: What It Can and Cannot Do

If you have explored the many valuable aspects of aesthetic medicine at all, you may be aware that expectations are everything. Unfortunately, due to the prevalence of cosmetic surgeries and noninvasive procedures like Botox, many people have unrealistic expectations of what is possible with a treatment they may be considering. Blepharoplasty is an extremely common […]

Your Doctor May Need to See Your Watery Eyes

There are times at which we expect our eyes to tear. We may tear up when slicing onions or when watching a dramatic movie, for example. However, it would naturally be surprising for the eyes to water for no good reason. There is a balance that is needed in the eye. The tear film that […]


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