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Sweet-Tooth - Dangerous to your Eyes? | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo TX

Could your Sweet-Tooth be Dangerous to your Eyes?

Diabetes is a prevalent condition that affects nearly 30 million Americans at this time. There is a precursor to diabetes, too. It is referred to as pre-diabetes, and it is estimated that more than 85 million Americans have this condition. Those numbers sound bleak. They demonstrate that we may still have a long way to […]

Cataracts Require Ongoing Care | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo TX

Cataracts Require Ongoing Care

Your vision is a priceless function that you expect to retain for life. To do so takes a bit of effort. The more we learn about common eye conditions, the better we are all able to take care of our own eyes and prevent irreparable damage from conditions such as cataracts. Did you know that […]


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