How Alcohol Can Affect Eye Surgery

Men and women sometimes have eye surgery to improve vision, and sometimes to improve the appearance of their eyes. In either situation, eye surgery usually brings up a lot of questions, such as how to best prepare for surgery and how to maximize the recovery process. We usually think of aspects of surgery like how to manage pain. Here, we want to discuss something that isn’t usually brought up but may be in question – and may have an effect on the surgical experience: alcohol consumption. We’re not talking about excessive alcohol consumption, but a drink or two before and following eye surgery.

Pre-Surgery Alcohol Consumption

Most surgical pre-op instructions do not set clear guidelines for alcohol consumption, right up until the day before surgery. When we’re focusing on improving something about the eyes, though, we may need to be more thoughtful. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, which means the eyes could become drier than usual. This may present a challenge for medicated eye drops to work at their highest efficiency.

One of the reasons that many people enjoy a nightcap is because it enables them to relax after a long day. A glass of wine or other mild alcoholic beverage may be thought advantageous during the time before surgery in which nerves may threaten to keep you up at night. If you are feeling nervous about an upcoming eye surgery, bring up your concerns to our staff. We are happy to speak with you and offer suggestions for managing surgery-related stress. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Post-Surgery Alcohol Consumption

Once eye surgery is finally over and done, a nice, rich glass of wine or another favorite cocktail can sound oh so nice. However, we have to go back to the matter of dehydration. The main focus of surgery is allowing the eyes to heal in the most comfortable manner possible. Many eye surgeons advise patients to avoid alcohol for the first week after eye surgery to ensure the eyes can maintain adequate lubrication.

Eye surgery can significantly improve how you feel about your appearance and how you engage in life. Having a better vision and higher confidence means doing more of the things you love. Learn more about the cataract removal process or cosmetic eye surgery procedure from your Amarillo ophthalmologist. Call 806-351-1177.

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