Dr. Murrell has been treating cosmetic patients for nearly 30 years. During his oculoplastic fellowship at the University of Texas, Dr. Murrell was trained in blepharoplasty surgery and the use of Botox. With these procedures, he prides himself on restoring his patients’ youth and vitality and enhancing their natural beauty.

  • Offered for cosmetic issues: treats deep wrinkles in the upper to mid-face and eyelid area such as frown lines, forehead, and crow’s feet
  • Botox injections last about three months
  • Dr. Murrell’s “Botox Day”: Botox injections are done on a Wednesday afternoon every three months in office
  • Unit price + injection fee

Botox is a neurotoxin called botulinum with the trade name of Botox.

Coming Soon: A new, longer lasting botulinum neurotoxin is on the horizon for our cosmetic patients. Available in office late 2017.

  • Excision of redundant, excessive skin
  • Removal of protruding fat
  • Upper and/or lower lids

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Scar Cream


  • Affordable scar cream
  • Begin after sutures are removed and antibiotic ointment is stopped
  • Use twice per day
  • Available over-the-counter in office

Eyelid Hygiene


  • For Blepharitis: will kill bacteria and toxins in oil glands
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Use twice per day
  • Available over-the-counter in office



  • Lengthens and darkens eyelashes
  • Apply to lower lid twice per day for two weeks then decrease to once per day
  • Available by prescription

Alphaeon Serum

  • Makes lashes sturdier
  • Use twice per day
  • Available over-the-counter in office

New Services and Products on the Horizon

Dr. Murrell is pleased to announce that he will soon be offering a cosmetic filler for his patients with mid to lower face wrinkles. In addition, Dr. Murrell is extremely excited about a promising new neurotoxin which provide longer lasting results for his cosmetic patients. This new treatment will be available in his office in late 2017.

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To schedule a Cosmetic consultation appointment with Dr. Murrell, call: (806) 351-1177.

“You deserve the best, and so do your eyes.” – Dr. Murrell