Botox Aftercare That Makes the Most of your Treatment

Botox is one of the leading cosmetic treatments performed today and for good reason. Appointments are quick, virtually painless, and convenient. For the most part, patients can go back to their normal activities right after their injections. If you are new to Botox, or even if you maintain a wrinkle-reducing schedule using this modality, you can benefit from a refresher on the few aftercare instructions that help make the most of your treatment.

After Getting Botox . . . 

Sit Up

Botox injections are administered into the superficial muscle of one or more areas. For the drug to work as efficiently as possible, it must be given time to fully absorb. Lying down too soon could create a risk of Botox migrating away from its target area. Lying down also increases the risk of bruising. Play it safe and stay upright for 4 hours after your treatment.

Wait 24 Hours to Exercise

If you exercise every day as a part of your general wellness routine, we suggest doing so before your Botox appointment and then waiting a full 24 hours for your next workout session. Depending on the type of exercise you tend to do, your provider may suggest holding off for a few days. Walking tends to be fine, so long as you don’t increase your heart rate too much. Doing so increases the risk of bruising. While exercising the body is not recommended, mild facial exercise is. After Botox injections, it can be advantageous to smile, frown, and raise your eyebrows as a way to help the product integrate into the muscle.

Pass on the Cocktails

Around the time of your Botox session, it is advisable to switch to some of the tasty mocktail recipes found online. Alcoholic beverages increase the risk of bruising and should be avoided 24 hours before and 24 hours after injectable treatments.

Give the Face a Break

Getting Botox is often a good lesson in realizing just how much we touch our face. To prevent spreading the drug, it is necessary to avoid touching the face for about 3 days. You can wash your face but do so gently, without pressing. Avoid exfoliating scrubs, facial massages, and facials.

Keep it Cool

Sun exposure is somewhat hazardous in general. However, it should be avoided for a day or so after Botox treatment to keep the risk of bruising and flushing to a minimum. It’s not just the sun that can cause these side effects. Your hot tub, sauna, or even steamy shower can do so, also.

Botox can achieve outstanding results in just a few days. Make the most of your treatment with these aftercare instructions. To schedule your Botox consultation, call our Amarillo office at (806) 351-1177.

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Embrace with Accutite and Facetite and Morpheus Prime and Morpheus8

Accutite and Facetite: - These are FDA approved cosmetic devices that can melt fat and mildly tighten skin. It requires only a small opening in the skin. The Accutite is for small areas such as the upper and lower eyelids. The Facetite is for the larger areas of the face such as the jowls, neck, and nasolabial folds.

Morpheus Prime and Morpheus 8 - These are FDA approved cosmetic devices that are applied to the skin to tighten the skin and collagen underneath the skin. The Morpheus Prime is for smaller areas smaller areas such as the upper and lower eyelids. the Morpheus8 is for the larger areas of the face. Both Morpheus Prime and Morpheus 8 takes 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart from each other.

The Accutite and Morpheus Prime can both be performed to the eyelids to maximize the cosmetic effect. Likewise, the Facetite and Morpheus8 can both be performed to maximize the cosmetic effect.

The Embrace is the device that rungs the Accutite, Facetite, Morpheus8, and Morpheus Prime. These treatments are not covered by insurance. The patient will have to pay for the procedure.

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