Have You Tried These Strategies to Treat Dry Eyes?

If you don’t struggle with chronic dry eye syndrome, you may notice the slight burning or watery sensation as the weather changes during the winter season. If your eyes feel like this more often than not, and as if they’ve got true grit, and not in a good way, we should talk about strategies for managing moisture.

Dry eye can be a temporary condition, or it may be chronic. The greater the frequency or persistence of discomfort, the more reason there is to talk with your eye doctor. Here, we discuss a few ways that you may reduce symptoms caused by lack of adequate lubrication on the surface of your eyes.

  1. Add moisture. The first thing that you may do if you notice seasonal dryness (or even dryness caused by digital eye strain) is added lubrication in the form of artificial tears. Keep in mind that, if you wear contact lenses, you may need to remove them for longer periods of time so the eyes can better absorb and respond to artificial tears. You may also use a specific type of artificial tear that is appropriate for use with contact lenses.
  2. Add nutrients. Certain dietary supplements have been shown to improve the natural lubrication of the eyes. In particular, healthy omega-3 fats are good for eye health. Good sources of this fat include tuna and salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed.
  3. Add to your environment. The cold months send us running for the cover of heated air. Where the air is heated, it is also dry. Therefore, adding some moisture to your home or office environment may be a necessary strategy for improved comfort. Consider a small humidifier for your personal space. When driving, adjust the vents, so air does not blow your eyes.
  4. Add power. Not all artificial tear products are over-the-counter. You may need to talk with your eye doctor about something more powerful. Prescription eye drops may improve comfort by increasing tear production or reducing inflammation on the eyelid.
  5. Add innovation. Ophthalmic treatments have been developed over the years to address the underlying symptoms of dry eye syndrome. If uncomfortable sensations occur frequently, talk with your doctor about specific treatment. In our Amarillo office, patients can find lasting relief from true dry eye syndrome through LipiFlow or EyeXpress, treatments that focus on the oil glands that facilitate lubrication.

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