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Are you Taking Care to Safeguard your Eyes? | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Are you Safeguarding your Eyes?

There are a few ways that we tend to think about eye protection. Many of us wear appropriately filtered sunglasses to reduce glare and UV exposure. Some people go so far as to watch what they eat, knowing that their general health will relate to the risk for eye diseases. Did you know that there […]

Let’s Talk about Light | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX

Let’s Talk about Light

Vision is the byproduct of light. Wavelengths of light enter the eye and stream to the retina, where a clear image is formed through the interpretation of light. In sunlight, there are wavelengths of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red light. Interestingly enough, the joining of every one of these colors creates white […]


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