Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

tonsil stones and laryngeal cancer in asian woman. Disorders of the thyroid system can cause several symptoms to occur. Many of these symptoms mimic those of other conditions and might be ignored. Of disorders of the thyroid system, Graves’ disease, which usually leads to hyperthyroidism, can cause significant issues with your vision and your eyes themselves.

One of the primary reasons Graves’ disease, specifically hyperthyroidism, affects the eyes is the autoimmune response against the thyroid cells and other cell types commonly found behind the eye. This response causes swelling and can push the eye forward, causing thyroid eye disease.

About half of those who suffer from Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism experience thyroid eye disease. Generally, symptoms of thyroid eye disease begin as persistent itchiness or redness, excessive tears, or a general feeling of grittiness when closing the eyelids.

If left untreated, the swelling behind the eye can cause difficulty closing the eyelid. Since closing your eyes is an important way to protect them from debris, bacteria, and sun damage, it is important to receive treatment as soon as possible.

For mild to moderate cases of thyroid eye disease, a cold compress can help reduce the swelling behind the eyes. Sunglasses or lubricating eye drops can also help address some common symptoms caused by swollen eyes. In more moderate cases, steroidal eye drops may also help reduce swelling.

In extreme cases where the eyelids can no longer close, surgical intervention may be required. Also, though this is a more invasive treatment, the procedures are highly successful and provide relief from thyroid eye disease.

Dr. W. John W. Murrell is pleased to offer a non-invasive treatment option that works from the inside while providing easy and great benefits. The FDA has approved IV administration of Tepezza. After treatment, Tepezza works by blocking the activation of the thyroid receptors and cells, reducing the swelling behind the eyes and the associated symptoms.

Don’t wait any longer to get treatment for thyroid eye disease. Call Dr. W. John W. Murrell, Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Surgery in Amarillo, TX, at 806-351-1177 or visit to see if Tepezza is right for you.

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