Is There a Right Time for Cataract Surgery?

cataract surgeon walter john murrell md amarillo tx Cataracts are indicative of the natural thickening of the eye’s lenses that may occur with age. According to experts, as much as 70% of older individuals will develop this condition in one or both eyes. Cataracts cause cloudiness as the lenses lose their flexibility and transparency. This cloudiness, clearly, presents an obstacle to clear, crisp vision. But does that mean that you should have cataracts removed at the first sign of visual distortion? Let’s look more closely at the timing of cataract removal surgery.

Look at your Daily Activities
The ultimate reason to have cataracts removed is to regain an optimal quality of life. So, when assessing the timing of surgery, consider the severity of the yellowing or blurriness that results from cataracts. If you find that you have lost a bit of confidence to participate in activities you once enjoyed, or you cannot do them any longer due to the inability to focus properly, it may be a good time to meet with an experienced ophthalmologist.

It doesn’t have to be that cataract surgery is postponed until you have trouble reading or watching television. Some people find that their cataracts get in the way of their active lifestyle. For the active adult who enjoys physical fitness, skiing, and other outdoor activities, physical performance is a vital aspect in a good quality of life.

Look at your Ability to Drive
Daily activities and driving to two important aspects of independence. Sometimes, daytime activities are no problem at all, but getting around after dark becomes an unpleasant chore. The clouding of the lens from cataracts can create impairment in low-light settings or at night. If you feel distracted or uneasy driving at night, consider how soon you can have your cataracts removed.

Look at your Current Approach
There are methods of intervention that may help patients reduce the effects of cataracts, such as brighter lighting in the home or prescription glasses that reduce glare. If the current approach to vision improvement is not achieving the desired outcome, it would seem that now is a good time to consult with your ophthalmologist about cataract removal surgery.

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