Could Eye Exercises Maximize your Game? It’s Possible!

eye exercise | amarillo tx If you are getting into a new sport, you want to do your best. The faster you learn the right movements and the nuances of your swing, your pitch, or another “talent,” the more fun you will have, and the more confident you will be. We bet you never imagined that your overall eye health could have more than a little to do with your physical performance. In this post, we will discuss a few of the exercises that can give you that little extra edge you’re seeking.

Stretch it out

Before engaging in pretty much any physical activity, we are told that we should stretch. Stretching in and of itself actually provides significant health and wellness benefits, so it is something we could do on a daily basis, too. You may know that stretching your muscles enhances your flexibility, and that it can minimize the risk of injury. But stretching the eyes? How do you even do that? It’s simple:

  1. Look at an object close to you, about arm’s length away.
  2. Move your eyes to an object about 18 inches to 24 inches away.
  3. Finally, settle on an object at a distance. This could be 20 feet or it could be farther, but your eyes should be able to focus on the object relatively easily.

These steps, performed once or a few times a day, can build up the muscle tone that enables you to more easily see objects clearly at all distances.

Play some Games

Games like ping pong have long been said to foster good hand-eye coordination. This type of activity can actually support better coordination between the whole body and the eyes, which does more than make you a good catcher or kicker. It also helps you perform just about any task with greater dexterity.

Eye exercises are not only valuable for sports enthusiasts or athletes. We all benefit when our eyes are functioning at maximum capacity. Seniors whose visual acuity is sharper may have a decreased risk of falls, and our vision is crucial to safety on the road. Give these eye exercises a try, and also make sure to see your Amarillo ophthalmologist for an annual eye exam.

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