Blepharoplasty: Your Pre-Surgery Shopping List

Blepharoplasty: Your Pre-Surgery Shopping List | W. John Murrell, M.D. | Amarillo, TX Eyelid rejuvenation is a major step toward maintaining a youthful appearance. The common use of dermal fillers and neuromodulators like Botox have made it easier to manage age, but there are still instances in which the surgical removal and lift of the skin around the eyes is the best way to achieve the desired outcome. If you are in the process of planning your blepharoplasty surgery, we imagine you’ve got a lot on your mind. Here, we offer a short shopping list to ensure you have what you need for a comfortable recovery.

Stocking up on Essentials

One of the biggest tips that surgical patients give to those who come after them is to stock up the refrigerator. No one feels like whipping up a meal after having any surgery. Don’t just load the fridge, though, think of foods that will be easy to heat and also that will nourish the body. Remember, the better fed you are, the better you will recover.

Additional essentials you will be happy you have included:

  • Extra pillows. If you don’t like the idea of sleeping in a recliner or don’t have one, then you’ll want extra pillows to prop up on for the first few days after surgery. Elevation minimizes swelling and may lessen bruising, too. Also, since you’ll be reclining rather than flat, consider also getting a travel neck pillow that will keep your head stable so you can sleep better.
  • Frozen peas. Sometimes, ice packs just aren’t very malleable. If you cannot easily find freezable eye masks, consider purchasing a couple of bags of frozen peas to use when needed.
  • Eye drops. Using eye drops decreases the risk of post-op infection, and also keeps you more comfortable, as your eyes will tire more easily for the first few months after blepharoplasty.
  • Movie-star sunglasses. The bruising from blepharoplasty may extend downward on the upper cheek a bit. Big, dark sunglasses will enable you to feel comfortable as you make your return to the public scene.
  • Earplugs and earphones. One will let you rest better; the other will let you enjoy your entertainment without disturbing others.
  • Audiobooks! Here’s something that many people forget: the eyes will get tired pretty quickly as tissues recover from surgery. Audiobooks are a great alternative to movies and magazines to prevent boredom.

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Embrace with Accutite and Facetite and Morpheus Prime and Morpheus8

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Morpheus Prime and Morpheus 8 - These are FDA approved cosmetic devices that are applied to the skin to tighten the skin and collagen underneath the skin. The Morpheus Prime is for smaller areas smaller areas such as the upper and lower eyelids. the Morpheus8 is for the larger areas of the face. Both Morpheus Prime and Morpheus 8 takes 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart from each other.

The Accutite and Morpheus Prime can both be performed to the eyelids to maximize the cosmetic effect. Likewise, the Facetite and Morpheus8 can both be performed to maximize the cosmetic effect.

The Embrace is the device that rungs the Accutite, Facetite, Morpheus8, and Morpheus Prime. These treatments are not covered by insurance. The patient will have to pay for the procedure.

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