A Treatment for Cataracts That Can Resolve Vision With Less Need for Glasses

Portrait of senior woman with blue shirt Although generally occurring later in life, cataracts can affect vision at any age. While the progression of cataracts is relatively slow and takes years to develop, they can cause significant blurriness or cloudiness in one or both of your eyes. If left untreated, cataracts can cause significant vision issues and even complete vision loss.

Cataracts refer to cloudiness that forms on the lens or iris of the eye. There is no specific cause of cataracts, but they generally appear as a result of injury to the eye or other condition that causes an increase in the production of protein. When these protein cells group together, they create patches of cloudiness that interferes with your vision.

Despite the seriousness of cataracts, surgical procedures reverse and reduce the symptoms of cataracts safely and effectively. Cataract surgery involves the removal of the damaged lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens with a specific focal point.

The artificial intra-ocular lens (IOL) can provide many years, if not a lifelong, improvement in your vision. Normally, the IOLs are mono-focal type, and to have both near and distant vision, may require one eye to have a different lens than the other. This can also be resolved with specific glasses with a different prescription on each side.

However, there are now premium options of IOLs, that can help restore lost vision, even if you have astigmatism, and reduce the need for glasses to correct distant or close-in vision. Since the IOLs are not as flexible as natural lenses and your body cannot adjust the focus as easily, it may not be possible to eliminate the need for glasses.

IOL surgery to restore vision lost from cataracts is very successful and comes with minimal risks. Regardless of your vision before cataracts start to form, ophthalmologist Dr. W. John W. Murrell can help you achieve clearer and brighter vision. Call Dr. Murrell in Amarillo, TX, at 806-351-1177 or visit www.wjohnwmurrell.com to schedule an exam today.

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