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As summer makes its grand entrance of the year, we have a lot to look forward to. After a longer-than-normal winter season, most of us are more than ready for some sunshine on our skin. Because it can be easy to become entranced by the warming rays of the sun, we want to be the voice of reason you may need as you enjoy the coming months. Here, we offer a few suggestions regarding summertime skin care to help you avoid pitfalls like premature aging.

Keeping it Clean

Skin cleansing is always a matter of importance. During the summer months, it is necessary to wash away the day’s makeup, sunscreen, and other substances that stick to the skin. A good cleanser is both effective and non-irritating. It will break down excess oil that may clog pores and trap acne-causing debris. The options for facial cleansers are endless. In our Amarillo office, we offer a professional-grade chamomile facial cleanser that nourishes and cleans in a way that is gentle enough for all skin types.

Attending to Moisture

It is essential to consider the moisture of your skin, especially during drier months and after facial treatments. Just because we need to lighten up on our moisturizers during the summertime doesn’t mean we can forget about moisturizing altogether. After setting emollient creams aside for the season, reach for a pampering serum such as our Lipid Drops. Patients who have used this product have reported a noticeable improvement in skin moisture (up to 28%) only hours after application.

Promoting Youthful Cellular Behavior

Serums are vital to the cosmetic aging process. A serum can address a number of problems, such as dullness and sun damage. Our C-Stem Anti-Aging Serum isn’t just for mature skin. The lilac stem cells in this product regulate pore size, brightens the epidermis, and promotes collagen production to support skin at any age. The vitamin C in this serum offsets the effects of UV exposure, and the marine extracts fight the free radicals that dull and degrade the skin.

Remember Necessary Protection!

We cannot discuss the value of summertime skin care without addressing the vital need for SPF protection. Sunscreen can feel like a nuisance if the right product is not selected. Our Replenishing sunscreen is actually a tinted moisturizer that deflects UV rays with lightweight zinc particles. No caked-on product. No greasiness. Just beautifully protected skin.

As an esteemed ophthalmologist, Dr. Murrell recognizes the effects that the summer sun has on our patients’ skin. For more information about the professional skincare products available in our Amarillo office, call (806) 351-1177.

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