Testimonial 15

People, if you are suffering with dry eyes, please see Dr. Murrell in Amarillo. He saved my eyes, I was using every kind of dry eye drops every 30 to 40 minutes and they were driving me crazy. Dr. John Murrell has a new systems or treating dry eyes and it has changed my life. It’s awesome, I don’t even have to use eye drops anymore. So!!!! If you suffer from dry eyes please make an appointment to see Dr. John Murrell at the Panhandle Eye Group, LLP phone # 806-351-1177. He and his staff are awesome it will change your life!!! — Carol F

Testimonial 14

In December 2020 and January 2021, Dr. John Murrell performed lens surgery. Before each surgery he explained the procedure step by step. He was very attentive and answered all my questions thoroughly. Dr. Murrell took his time making sure that I was content at each office visit. He is so softly spoken and has the most pleasing demeanor. His surgical staff are calm, focused, and just plain awesome! They stayed with me from beginning to end and made sure I felt at ease. The office employees are pleasant and helpful. They gladly explained the paper work and made sure I received the needed medical supplies. I highly recommend Dr. Murrell and his staff for eye surgeries and treatments. — Patricia V.

Testimonials 13

Just a few comments regarding the excellent care that I have received from Dr. Murrell and his staff since being referred to him by Dr. "Eddy". I initially saw Dr. Murrell as a patient for my cataracts in August of 2020. The office staff, technicians and Dr. Murrell were all great. After the surgery and the follow up, I could not believe the improvement in my vision. I have had a chronic dry eye condition for many years and decided to talk to Dr. Murrell about it. I had been using a variety of eye drop medications to get my dry eye condition under control but while they helped somewhat the condition really didn't improve that much. After our initial "dry eye" visit he prescribed an "eye lid" scrub method that almost immediately improved my condition. I have stopped using the expensive medications and, as long as I do my part with the eye lid scrub, the condition is a non-issue. I will certainly continue to see Dr. Murrell on an annual basis. —Blair W.

Patient Testimonial

My comment on my cataract surgery with Dr. Murrell:

When I went to my optometrist, all I wanted was to get new lenses to help me see better. My vision had gotten progressively worse in two years, but I trust the Optometrist and just wanted to go in and come out with new glasses. But no, he said I needed cataract surgery, which I decided the night before my visit with Dr. Murrell, that I wasn't going to do. However, once I visited with Dr. Murrell, I easily changed my mind. He was so informative and listened so well to all my concerns. It wasn't going to be nearly the traumatic event I had previously thought. A couple of days later, I reported to the surgery building. There was no waiting, I was taken right into the prep room. The anesthesiologist came to see me, the nurses were so gentle and understanding, and then Dr. Murrell came in to answer any questions I might have. Off I went. Soon I awakened with my left eye covered. Since we were from out of town, he sent me on to the office to have a checkup that all was right, as it was. Dr. Murrell told me to go to my Optometrist's office and have a blank lens put in my current glasses where my thick lens had been do I could see sine out of that eye. There was no pain, little residue from the anesthesia, and the next day when I got to take the bandage off, I had perfect long-distance vision!!! I hadn't seen this well since I was eight years old!!! The light that came into my eyes was awesome!!! At home our woodwork is painted white and I thought that the woodwork had turned yellow, as that often happens. But NO, when I walked into the kitchen, I was shocked at how bright white the woodwork was, the white wall were, and the light coming in from outside was. When I told this to Dr. Murrell later, he said the yellow was from my cataract, not my woodwork! It's like a miracle had happened! I could see street signs, aisle signs in Walmart, people's faces, makes of care, and berries on trees. It's endless!!! Two weeks later I had the right eye done and it is amazing!!!! I cannot explain the thrill of being able to see WELL again after years and years!!! THANK YOU, Dr. Murrell!!!! Patricia

Testimonials 12

This letter is to commend you on having such a good, helpful employee. Her willingness was beyond reproach. I am aware that your business does not submit supplemental insurance forms beyond Medicare for the removal of cataracts. My former employer, National Elevator Industry, does accept and pay for such surgeries. It was up to the patient to do such submissions which can be difficult with their requiring coding and proof of prior payment. I had and paid for in advance for the new Symphony lens which they cover. In order for me to recover these funds I had to submit them myself. Casey was kind enough to prepare and fax the additional forms to my insurance company that is located on the East Coast. Thank you so much for your help and please advise Dr. Murrell that he has exceptional staff.

Testimonial 11

Had a real good experience. Everything was explained clearly and everybody was pleasant and professional. The ladies who handle booking and insurance are the best. I'm very pleased with the results. Thank y'all. Molly D.

Testimonial 10

Dr. Murrell recently removed my cataracts and replaced them with a Symfony Lens. The procedure was painless. I am very pleased with the lenses and I no longer require glasses except for reading small print. I do experience the halo effect, mainly at night, around lights. But even with that small problem the improvement in sight (far, intermediate and near) certainly out weights the halo effect. I am extremely happy with the decision to spend extra and get the Symfony Lens. I also feel Dr. Murrell and his staff are very professional and easy to work with.

Testimonial 9

Dr. Murrell has taken care of me since 2005 when diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Annually he thoroughly checks the health of my eyes. In April & May of 2016, Dr. Murrell removed my cataracts in both eyes & replaced with new lenses. Miraculously & instantly my vision went from legally blind to 20/20.
The care I have received in Dr. Murrell’s team of assistants & surgical facility & nurses/aides was far above my expectations. Now a year from surgery – a great report & fantastic quality of life. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Murrell & his assistants to everyone! Thank you all for excellent vision care with state of the art technology & the BEST bedside manner!

Testimonial 8

Because of glaucoma, I have been seeing Dr. Dober Dixion for approximately the last 20 years. Over recent years I have also had an increasing problem with dry eyes to the point of constant sore eyes, increasing blurred vision and the need to use gel eye drops eight to ten times a day, and even that did not do much to alleviate the problem. Since my dry eye problem was getting worse with time instead of better, Dr. Dixon encouraged me to see Dr. Murrell have him evaluate the cause of, and hopefully the treatment for, my dry eyes. After testing, Dr. Murrell determined that my dry eye problem was not due to lack of tears but rather to a lack of oil in the tear film due to clogged oil glands in my eyelids. He prescribed a course of eyelid treatments which I am able to do at home, and within a month of doing the treatments. I could tell the dry eye problem was improving and I was able to reduce the use of the gel eye drops to four or five times a day. After continuing the at-home treatments for another two months, I now find it necessary to only use the eye drops two to three times a day if that. Also, my vision is no longer blurred and my eyes are no longer sore. I am very, very grateful that I heeded Dr. Dixion’s suggestion that I see Dr. Murrell for my dry eyes, and so grateful to Dr. Murrell for the excellent diagnosis and treatment that I have received under his care.

Testimonial 7

I was quite skeptical of having this procedure – cataract removal and lens implant. On our first visit, Dr. Murrell talked with me at length about procedure, lens options, cost and answered every question I had. With full confidence, I had the procedure and am very pleased and happy with the results. There was minimal discomfort for a day and I never knew anything had been done because there was no discomfort or problems. The thing I noticed first was how bright colors are. The entire staff was very friendly, accommodating, professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. My sincere thanks to Dr. Murrell and his staff. It is very comforting to be in a surgical situation and find everyone caring about your comfort. Thanks again.

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