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Just a few comments regarding the excellent care that I have received from Dr. Murrell and his staff since being referred to him by Dr. “Eddy”. I initially saw Dr. Murrell as a patient for my cataracts in August of 2020. The office staff, technicians and Dr. Murrell were all great. After the surgery and the follow up, I could not believe the improvement in my vision.

I have had a chronic dry eye condition for many years and decided to talk to Dr. Murrell about it. I had been using a variety of eye drop medications to get my dry eye condition under control but while they helped somewhat the condition really didn’t improve that much. After our initial “dry eye” visit he prescribed an “eye lid” scrub method that almost immediately improved my condition. I have stopped using the expensive medications and, as long as I do my part with the eye lid scrub, the condition is a non-issue. I will certainly continue to see Dr. Murrell on an annual basis.

—Blair W.

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