Patient Testimonial

My comment on my cataract surgery with Dr. Murrell:

When I went to my optometrist, all I wanted was to get new lenses to help me see better. My vision had gotten progressively worse in two years, but I trust the Optometrist and just wanted to go in and come out with new glasses. But no, he said I needed cataract surgery, which I decided the night before my visit with Dr. Murrell, that I wasn’t going to do. However, once I visited with Dr. Murrell, I easily changed my mind. He was so informative and listened so well to all my concerns. It wasn’t going to be nearly the traumatic event I had previously thought. A couple of days later, I reported to the surgery building. There was no waiting, I was taken right into the prep room. The anesthesiologist came to see me, the nurses were so gentle and understanding, and then Dr. Murrell came in to answer any questions I might have. Off I went. Soon I awakened with my left eye covered. Since we were from out of town, he sent me on to the office to have a checkup that all was right, as it was. Dr. Murrell told me to go to my Optometrist’s office and have a blank lens put in my current glasses where my thick lens had been do I could see sine out of that eye. There was no pain, little residue from the anesthesia, and the next day when I got to take the bandage off, I had perfect long-distance vision!!! I hadn’t seen this well since I was eight years old!!! The light that came into my eyes was awesome!!! At home our woodwork is painted white and I thought that the woodwork had turned yellow, as that often happens. But NO, when I walked into the kitchen, I was shocked at how bright white the woodwork was, the white wall were, and the light coming in from outside was. When I told this to Dr. Murrell later, he said the yellow was from my cataract, not my woodwork! It’s like a miracle had happened! I could see street signs, aisle signs in Walmart, people’s faces, makes of care, and berries on trees. It’s endless!!! Two weeks later I had the right eye done and it is amazing!!!! I cannot explain the thrill of being able to see WELL again after years and years!!! THANK YOU, Dr. Murrell!!!!



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