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Latisse | amarillo tx Oh! How times have changed! It used to be that long, thick eyelashes were granted to you by Mother Nature herself. Those who were not granted this genetic windfall had to resort to globs of glue, fake lashes, or sticky, flakey mascara.

Today, women are turning to new sources of enhancement. For some time, it became popular to give the illusion of fullness and length with eyelash extensions. Essentially, these are just fancy false lashes glued on by a professional. While they can look very lovely, they may also be a source of irritation or infection. No, thank you.

Patients of Dr. Murrell have a new choice; a better choice. If you want to transform your lashes, consider the numerous benefits of Latisse™. This professional product works in concert with the body’s natural hair growth cycle. Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes go through a 30 to 45-day growth phase. They tend to remain in place for three to four months before they naturally fall out.

What Latisse™ can do:

  • Enhance the fullness, length, and darkness of your lashes.
  • Facilitate a long life for your beautiful lashes by strengthening the individual strands of hair.
  • Give you an easy, convenient way to enjoy the lashes you want!

Latisse™ is a prescription medication that was initially used as a glaucoma treatment. As a side note, doctors discovered that the drug also had a positive effect on hypotrichosis, or poor eyelash structure and growth. When used daily, this product has been shown to substantially improve the characteristics of lashes, and even their flexibility, which translates into resilience.

The improvements take place gradually, since Latisse™ works in concert with the natural growth cycle of lashes. It is typically after about 4 weeks of daily use that patients can really see a difference. Lashes continue to grow longer, thicker, and darker for up to 16 weeks. After this point, daily use maintains them in this state. If usage stops, lashes will eventually revert to their previous state, because this is what is natural to you.

Expand the horizons of your lashes. Call 800.782.6393 to learn more about Latisse™.

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