Is an Eyelid Lift in your Future

Eyelid Lift walter john murrell md amarillo tx Sagging skin on the face (and body) is something to be expected as we age. Still, while you notice the loss of elasticity and thinning skin around your eyes, you may not jump to the conclusion that you should schedule a visit with your plastic surgeon. This day may not come until you are asked for the millionth time “are you tired?.” At some point, many men and women reach this moment of tipping, where they realize that they do not want to appear tired and angry when they are not.

If you are in the Amarillo area, you have within your vicinity a double board certified oculoplastic surgeon with whom you can consult about the issues related to your aging eyes. Five things that you should know about drooping, sagging eyelids and blepharoplasty include:

  1. Issues such as heavy upper eyelids or under eye bags may have been a gift from your ancestors. Often, we see eyelid concerns in the family tree. This does not mean you have to accept them as a part of your heritage. There must be more exciting things to hold on to than bags.
  2. It may not be your eyelids, but your brows, that are the real concern. Often, what happens to the eyes is that the eyebrows get pulled downward by the muscle that lies beneath. During your consultation, Dr. Murrell will assess the root cause of eyelid concerns so the appropriate measures can be taken.
  3. The eyes can be enhanced in a conservative procedure rather than a complete face lift. In cases where age-related changes have affected not only the eyes, but the lower face, as well, a full lift may be idea. Many patients, however, are most troubled by the appearance of their eyes. These individuals love the results obtained through eyelid surgery.
  4. Blepharoplasty is one of the leading cosmetic procedures in our country.
  5. The limited area on which blepharoplasty is performed, coupled with meticulous surgical technique, makes eyelid surgery quite simplistic and low-risk.

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