Can I Slow the Progression of My Cataracts?

Cataract Surgery Amarillo TX Cataracts cause vision to become hazy and cloudy over time. In most instances, there comes a time when the natural lens of the affected eye (possibly both) needs to be replaced with a human-made lens due to severe vision impairment. As successful as cataract surgery is, it is understandable that a person who has just started to experience clouding of their vision would want to know if there is any way to slow this process of vision loss.

There is no trick to resolving cataracts completely other than surgery. However, specific lifestyle strategies have been praised for their ability to support eye health and, as such, potentially slow the progression of cataracts.

Wear UV-Blocking Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from UV light. Just like your skin can be damaged from too much time in the sun, so can your eyes. This is why we recommend a good pair of UV-blocking sunglasses for people of all ages. That UV light can enter the eyes through the small space between your glasses and your forehead. Consider also wearing a hat if you plan to be outdoors for an extended period.

Ask Your Doctor About Your Medication

Talk to your doctor about medications. If cataracts are already growing and you want to minimize their effects, talk with your doctor about any prescription drugs you are taking. There are hundreds of medications that carry the side effects of worsening cataracts (they won’t cause them). A medication change may be in order.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Feed your eyes well. Studies have suggested that the antioxidants in whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk and progression of cataracts. Carrots, in particular, nourish the eyes with beta-carotene, which converts to vitamin A. Carbohydrates are not good for the eyes or the body. These should be limited due to their link to cataract progression. Finally, stay hydrated; your eyes need the lubrication for optimal health.

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