Botox: There’s Even More to Love Than We Knew

The development of Botox Cosmetic was inevitable when doctors realized what the therapeutic use of purified botulinum toxin protein could do. The drug that was once reserved for treating muscle disorders quickly passed the safety and efficacy standards set for FDA approval. Since the emergence of botulinum toxin as a cosmetic protocol, millions of people have turned to Botox to correct signs of aging. You may be familiar with this treatment and how it works. We are quite aware of what the drug can do and how it does it, and even we were surprised to learn that there’s more.

New Botox Findings are Raising Eyebrows

Doctors and patients have known for a long time that Botox is a great protocol for treating frown lines, crow’s feet, and drooping eyebrows. New research suggests that the drug can also do something that has long-term effects on our aging process: improve elasticity.

Elasticity is the term that describes how well the skin can retract after stretching. Most people don’t literally stretch their skin, which can make elasticity seem unimportant. In the grand scheme of aging, though, it is vital that the skin bounce back. This indicates how well it can defy the effects of gravity and how smooth it appears.

A recent study performed by Canadian physicians observed the extent to which Botox may affect elasticity, if at all. Forty-three women took part in the study. None of them had ever been treated with Botox. Before treating participants, the researchers gathered measurements for each woman’s elasticity. They did this using a tool called a Cutometer. Additional measurements were conducted in the same area after Botox injections were administered.

Taking several elasticity measurements, the physicians discovered improvement of up to 30 percent had occurred after Botox treatment. Furthermore, periodic follow-up also indicated that elasticity may improve for up to 4 months.

Does This Change Things?

Does it change anything to know that Botox doesn’t just relax muscles but that it also boosts the skin’s ability to retract? According to researchers, it might. Their findings suggest that Botox treatments can inhibit the formation of new wrinkles, prolonging the appearance of youthful-looking skin.

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Embrace with Accutite and Facetite and Morpheus Prime and Morpheus8

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The Accutite and Morpheus Prime can both be performed to the eyelids to maximize the cosmetic effect. Likewise, the Facetite and Morpheus8 can both be performed to maximize the cosmetic effect.

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